M Italian exists to celebrate a love of family.  Guests are welcomed as if they were visiting a family home. Our offerings feature classic Italian dishes such as pastas and salads with a chef-driven twist -- along with distinctive pizzas cooked in our wood-burning oven.

Our Story

In 2010, Bret Adams (Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group CEO) came across available restaurant space in Chagrin Falls. Bret was confident that this space was perfect to make reality of his long-held vision for a rustic tavern dining experience set amidst reclaimed barn wood and accented with a pounded copper topped bar. 

While construction was underway for what was to become the original Burntwood Tavern in Chagrin Falls, Bret and his team developed a true guest-focused approach for destination dining, one that would allow guests to have a great experience within restaurants that would serve as galleries of functional art. 

This concept that began with the original Burntwood Tavern was continued with M Italian, an authentic Italian dining experience in the heart of Chagrin Falls.

M Italian was created to celebrate the Italian heritage of owner Bret Adams’ wife; it’s graced by its wide open spaces and an open kitchen that allows guests to be involved in a total Chef | Art | Pour experience.

M Italian features classic Italian dishes such as pastas and salads with a CHEF-driven twist -- along with distinctive pizza pies home-cooked in our wood-burning oven.

M Italian affords a warm, inviting design, one that blends soft whites and grays, and allows guests to dine while surrounded by textures that capture an intimate version of home-style Italian ART.

M Italian allows its guests to savor our exclusive house-made lemoncello, enjoy creative signature cocktails such as the Sicilian Mule, and select from an extensive Italian wine list featured on our POUR menu.

Above all things, M Italian exists to celebrate a love of family.  Guests are welcomed to M Italian as if it were a family home as nothing is more fulfilling than being a cared-for guest in a loving Italian home.

This Chef | Art | Pour concept stands as the foundation for the M Italian as well as the entire family of restaurants owned and operated by the Chef Art Pour Restaurant Group.  These restaurants include our complimentary dining concept Burntwood Tavern.

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